Middle of the night coffee, that is – it is already well past midnight. It is cooling now, as the water was at a rolling boil a moment ago. Having VA/Per tobacco, trying to remain positive even though the leg is still “bummed”, and I cannot hike in the AM, which would have been a distinct possibility if I were in the position to partake. nnCoffee is good, cooled down now.nnSo, yesterday was a day (of mostly sleeping), meaning that during the waking moments, it was “*a day*” – just moody as all hell for whatever reason. Not good. I realize that now, and I want to try to keep a more positive attitude, remain optimistic, because I know that I *can* be optimistic if I have a determination to do so. Doesn’t always come “automatically” with me, though. So, an effort must be made.nnAlso, I am thinking of getting that Inbox Zero (a furniture brand) writing desk from Wayfair in the coming weeks, to put it right next to the bedroom window, and turn the bedroom into a sort of study, or den. I used to refer to this apartment (this apartment that I am in now) as a “man cave” or “writer’s nook” to begin with – a place where not much else happens besides writing and other “living things” (eating, bathing, exercising, etc.). And I like to think of my home as nothing more than that; a place where writing occurs, and not much else, as not much else *needs* to occur. Some people need other things in their home – a WFH area, a homework area, a large kitchen, laundry area, etc. – but I need but a place to sit and hammer some text, and not much else. To each their own, though. It all works out :)nnAnd speaking of homes, living spaces, etc. – I truly do enjoy apartment living. If something breaks, maintenance will get it fixed. If I need to be somewhere, I am not too far from local shops and grocery stores. The balcony is nice, the interior is well kept (in this particular apartment unit, anyway), and the square footage is *just* right for a guy like me (430 sq ft – which suits a minimalistic person such as myself just fine).nnSo, I don’t sweat not having a dedicated (permanent) “home”, or house, or real estate, or anything like that. If I had (or could afford) land, I’d get it, build on it, do stuff with it – but that is nowhere in my purview at the moment, so I do not worry a whole lot about it. Gotta work with what I got.nnJust looking at the bright side. Of anything/everything.nnBack later

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