Middle *of* the night coffee, as it is well past midnight (2:45 AM now). nnSo let’s ruminate on web dev stuff, shall we (I)?nnI have Homebrew installed (hooray!)nnNow I want to finish the tutorial for how to install/upgrade/uninstall packages (via Homebrew, as HB is a package manager)nnAnd then I have to set up some sort of local development environmentnn*What does that mean? What does that look like?*nnAnswer: I don’t know. It is what I am currently learning (via self-taught method).nn**Bird’s eye view**nnThe **Thanx** project is “on hold”, but not officially, because I may be tooling around with it at any given time, but, the #1 priority for me at the moment is figuring out the git flow of the entire dev process. Seems daunting, but there is a lot of stuff I *want* to learn and I 100% *accept* the challenge of what is in front of me!nn[*20 minutes later*]nnWow! What a fxxxing chore! LOL! I installed git on the MacBook via Homebrew (easy enough), but *then* I tried to generate an SSH key (to add to Github), and doing so and then *locating* the thing is harder than expected. Because, of course they (tutorials online – incl Github) expect you to know a handful of command line prompts before entering the specific command, itself. So now, I have to figure out what an SSH key actually LOOKS like, and how to access it – but, like most things in dev, they *assume* you have HELLA prior knowledge on how to do XYZ thing (find/open a file, etc) and don’t *actually* tell you how such and such thing is done.nnAutodidact struggles, I guess. FFS.nnWhatever, it’s on the To-DO list for tomorrow (later today, actually): figure out how to **access** my SSH key that I already generated, and then get the damn thing onto my Github (the latter part is easy).nnSo, this is a mess. But it is how my morning has started so I will just live with it. Be back later.

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