Ahh, hot coffee at 3:00 AM, some writing, and some good pipe tobacco – delightful. Just awoke from a good sleep a little bit ago, too, so I am feeling A-OK.nnI need to remember to pack about a million things this morning for the weekend at my sister’s. There are simply too many items to list here, but they will all fit within a 20 Liter backpack, so no worries. Most of the items in my life (combined) can fit into a 20 Liter backpack still, incidentally. If I were a road warrior, or someone who traveled often, I could (easily) whittle it down to a 10-12 Liter backpack like I did in early-2015 when I was going back and forth between St Louis, MO. and Arnold, MO. every week or so for a week at a time. Just an iPad, some clothes, and some toiletry essentials, and I am set 🙂 At least that is what I had at the time. I should try to simplify the packing list for *this* weekend, as well. Noted.nnAnyway, looking forward to the festivities at the ‘rents in a little while (in about seven hours, as it is almost 4:00 now, as I took my sweet time writing out this blog post, haha).nnHope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and having a Merry Xmas :)nnBack later

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