Woke up this morning, and the leg is doing better than it has since it’s re-injury. Now, it feels like I have a slightly tight “Charlie Horse” in my upper-shin, and nothing else.nnThis is a good thingnnI am still staying off of it, not walking anywhere. nnNow, having coffee, and some more VA/Per tobacco (the last of the Heart & Home Louisiana Red Bulk blend, which I 100% plan on buying again). I have the fan ON, the heat OFF, and cooling down my apartment again because after going back to bed at 3:30 AM or so, I awoke AGAIN at 5:00 on the dot with an apartment at 77 degrees! I don’t know why it bakes itself to such a temperature so high, when I have the thermostat set to 72 – not 75, or 77, or 79 – 72, and it still over does it :/ Of course the apartment is terribly insulated with the cinder block (“fire”)wall, but…whatever.nnTime to spark some Presbyterian Mixture tobacco and start my day! :)nnBack later

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