**Old friends die hard**nnLuckily, I have not had a lot of friends from my past actually die, like, in life – but the friendSHIPS I maintained with some of them are gone. Incidentally, I can rejoin Facebook in a few minutes and probably be reconnected with nearly ALL of them within 48 hours, but of course I do not do such things. If a relationship/friendship is ever FB-dependent, then it isn’t a real relationship/friendship, IMO. And even then, there are connections that I *could* be having outside of that realm (the online realm) through text messages, phone calls, and even IRL meet-ups, but I avoid the majority of those, too. I tend to stick to the small community of passive acquaintances here on the apartment complex property + family friends, etc. Maybe I’m clique-y that way? Or maybe I just don’t give a fxxx? Probably the latter.nnIDK, doesn’t matter.nnnn

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