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A blog I read daily, just published this post where he wrote a bit about Substack, and he said this:

...oh the truth and desperation of "social journalism"!

My two cents? Substack is very akin to Twitter in the fact (or belief / concept / delusion) that everyone is hammering away on the same platform. There to bring the truth via words and words of truth - but really, it's the big players, the big journos, and the big influencers, THEY have the "pull" and "influence" to get people onto that service, and monetization and (eventually) censorship will be the name of the rose.

How/why Substack got traction, and journalists began to use it, I will never know. Maybe because became too "VC-centric"? Or it (Medium) wasn't a reliable place to make a few bucks? People can/will put all their stuff in a paywalled repository on Substack, and fans/followers/adjunct readers of their former (or soon-to-be-former) outlet come swarming in.

And then, they just "take" their newsletter and all the subscribers therein somewhere else if Substack ever oversteps it's bounds and pulls off some abysmal "Freedom of speech" wrecking shit, right?

Nope. Where the subscribers are, they stay. Substack. And in due time, Substack will decide who the readers are, and can be. While the journalists are negotiating and balancing what gets put where in regards to:

  • put their words and GOOD stories on their publication


  • keep that shit for themselves, and their Substack subscribers, because a viral Substack (which is inevitable to become "a thing") will have a higher payoff than a simple paycheck from "The Daily News"

Yea, Substack is a vat of digital battery acid for journalism, media integrity, freedom of information, and online writing.

Stay well, readers (and Ray, as well (P.S. I really liked your post :))

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