may the day burn bright

Took out the trash. Saw the sky radiate blue, and the sun in the center of it, decided to grab my phone and snap this pic. I was pointing straight up, so I had no idea what the photograph would look like.

A "chemtrail" (not their real name) jutted from horizon to horizon. So it seems as some people were experiencing this gorgeous day from above via plane. Judging by the direction of the exhaust line, it (the plane) seemed to be coming from the direction of SW. Perhaps New Mexico? Arizona? Texas? And is NE-bound. NY? Rhode Island? Pennsylvania? Or perhaps just hop-skip-jumping over STL on their way to Chicago? STL is Flyover Country, so that is a likely scenario.

Either way, the sky and sun is a treat from down below.

The morning continues on, I had plenty of coffee to see me through until noon. Breakfast will be had soon.


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