My mattress is junk. It used to not be junk, but it has been nearly a year with this particular mattress, and now it is worn out, uncomfortable, and…junk. I buy LUCID mattresses, either direct from LUCID themselves (if they have the right model in stock), or I will just bite the bullet and order one from Amazon, even though I vehemently dislike Amazon, because they will have the right model available, usually (which is a 10 inch/extra firm model). They last me a year. I sleep on it for four months, then my shoulder and upper-back/lower-neck gets sore, so I *turn* it around, and get four months with it again. Then the soreness comes back, and I *flip* the mattress around, am ok again for four months, and then when the soreness returns, I *turn* it around (after having already *flipped* it around), and get four more months with it. And then it is time for a new mattress. They run around $160, and I need to spring for one every year. I considered a Casper mattress (I forget who makes those), but those are $400 and up.nnSo, I am in the LUCID cycle of disposable mattresses, I suppose. LOL! It’s fine, it just sucks when I go a day with intense soreness from bad sleep the night before. I am in a state of soreness now, so I took two Motrin, and hope it helps, and I flipped the mattress to it’s original (first) position, hoping it has regained *some* loft, but I won’t have long before it is compressed, again.nnSo next month will be new mattress time. nnUnfortunately, I still have the *last* mattress (same model) up against the wall in my walk-in closet, so I will have to spring for a 1-XXX-MR-JUNK pickup when I get the new mattress, and have that service haul away the old mattress(es) (plural). nnIt’ll be nice to free up my walk-in again, but, I don’t get a lot of use out of that space anyway, so…it’s whatever.nnI think/hope the Motrin is kicking in. And I will assuredly be awake for the rest of the day, because the soreness will linger, even with pain-reducing medication.nnBack later

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