The moms did me a solid and ordered the LUCID 8 inch memory foam (firm) mattress for me just a bit ago, and I will pay her back Feb. 1. It was my #1 priority to order one in February anyway, so getting it even earlier is even better :) It arrives Wednesday, Jan. 12 (Thank Dog!). So, I will be back on my sleep schedule soon, and that is a huge relief, because I do not know how much longer I can keep the 3-4 hours sleep / 3-4 hours awake / 3-4 hours sleep routine going before I completely lose my friggin' mind!

So, I am looking forward to getting my days/routines back to normal again, for sure. Sleep is very important.

Anyway, I made it to BP this morning (about an hour ago), and simply got a soda - no smokes, as I don't want to waste $$$ on cigarettes. Especially when I have plenty of good pipe tobacco to "get my fix". I've barely touched the SG Navy Flake pipe tobacco, and that is really nice stuff, so maybe it will last me a while? I still have John Cotton Double-pressed Kentucky tobacco in the cabinet, too (which I am pretty sure is my favorite tobacco of all time, since Presbyterian Mixture has altered the blend to something completely different and isn't good anymore).

And on the subject of pipes, both the Rossi and the Dr Grabow pipes need to be reamed out, cleaned, and have pipe sweetener ran through them, and then I can smoke again, because everything is bitter and harsh right now.

I'll clean them up now.

Sorry about the pipe tangent - just wanted to say the mattress is ordered, will be delivered soon. Which is the most important thing in my life right now, haha.

Back later