The last check-in it had was in Jefferson, GA. and that was two days ago, so I am assuming it is in/near STL by now.

anything but the dev stuff

I am trying to keep my mind OFF of web dev activities for the time being, and just focus on some other things, because it is nearly ALL I thought about/focused on throughout the entirety of yesterday. Again, avoiding burnout (which is a common thing in dev for many people, apparently).

so what else is on the agenda?

Nothing too pressing or important for the time being, I don't think. I have no appointments coming up, and essentially nothing in particular to do for the next week. The budget for Feb. is wrapped up, too (as I mentioned before), and I am looking forward to slapping an additional $120 onto the Linode account, so that will reduce the monthly expenses I have down by $20, as I always drop a 20 on the account for safe measure (which is inadequate in my eyes, because if I miss two months in a row, I'm screwed!).

The tobacco order for Feb. will be pretty basic, too, with no special orders in the works (such as a new pipe - I am not getting a new one anytime soon). I will order a pipe reamer/cleaner/tamper, though, but only use it for reaming/cleaning purposes, because there is only so much I can do with the CRKT Minimalist pocket knife in terms of freshening up a bowl (the CRKT is simply too large to get all the way to the bottom of the bowl). Having a proper reamer is going to prove useful in the long run, because it will lengthen the longevity of whatever pipes I own (+ it helps with the flavor a bit, as there is less "cake" at the bottom of the bowl, which screws up flavors immensely, in my opinion).

I'm sure this all sounds fascinating to exactly zero(0) of you, lol!

I'm off to make some coffee. back soon