The LUCID mattress has arrived, and I just hauled it up from the Leasing Office (down the street) because USPS couldn't get it up my stairs, or perhaps didn't even try (probably the latter). But, I got it, and it has been unwrapped, and is now "inflating" in the bedroom, as it is mostly memory foam, and it is compressed in plastic, and has to be unrolled and decompressed (is the better word). This process usually takes about two hours, total, as I have had a few of these LUCID mattresses in the past several years (this is the "better" kind, and is firm, so let's hope it has some longevity to it).

Anyway, I had pasta for lunch, and I flipped on the AC, because it crept up to 76F in my apartment, even with the sliding glass door wide open and the central fan running, because the apartment is right in the sun, yada yada. It's (a very nice) 54F outside right now, though. Delightful.

So, it just hit noon, and there is not much on the agenda for the day. Thanx could be visited at some point today, but in all likelihood I will resist working on the project until tomorrow. Glad I kinda/sorta know what I am doing with it, and am significantly less stuck than I was before. More direction now. Process of elimination, folks! :)

back soon