So I’m scrolling/surfing YouTube, not sure what the fxxx it is that I want to watch, and I see [this video](, that was (is) cryptically titled “How do we improve with ease?”, so I click on it, thinking; “it could be anything! Dice = rolled!” and it is a 20-something lady talking about “mastering the handpan”. nnI think, “wtf is *that*?”nnSo, I go to the video description – Instagram links, YouTube links, ways to give her money on Patreon, ways to buy merch she is selling – but no handpan explainer. nnThe mystery deepensnnSo, I just flat out SEARCH for “handpan” on DuckDuckGo. And it is one of those ring-y drum deals that you see at like a Hawaiian Luau (had to search for the spelling of “Luau” now, too), and, like, hippies drum on them during Ayahuasca trips and whatnot.nnAh! So THAT is what a handpan is!nnWhy YouTube decided I might be interested in such a topic, I do not know.nnSo there we have it. I made it about two minutes into the video and decided I didn’t care for the direction the narrative was going (some “life advice”, learn at your own pace type of thing). But now I DDG’d more obscure words and found a new thing I don’t care about.nnSo, on with the day I go.nnlol, back later

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