In the past three or four years, my greatest skill I have learned, has been the ability to write in Markdown. I mean, yes I learned a bunch of web development things in 2020, and am still learning those things, but being able to put things in *italics* on a whim, or make something **bold**, or [create a link]( (that one just goes back to this blog), is the most convenient and easy thing I could have figured out in my 7+ years of blogging.nnFrom `highlights`, to codeblocks (which I will not do right this moment), to everything else – easy peasy :)nnI used to *always* rely on the “toolbar” atop a text editor for making those things happen, and I severely disliked that element of digital text editors. W.a has an editor that sort of has a “floating” toolbar (Classic Editor 2.0, or something), but I didn’t like it, so I stay with the Classic Editor.nnBefore, there wasn’t even an option to put a TITLE on a blog post – everything was fairly primitive and “new” on W.a. I don’t think there were different “layout” options – such as “Blog”, “Journal”, and whatever else is on offer. No federation elements. And at one time, one could sync their W.a blog to go to Medium, but then Medium sort of became a trash company, so Matt (Baer (founder of W.a)) removed that option and now people can cross-publish onto Ghost, which is MUCH better!nnAnother thing I remember, is the #ResponseToSoAndSo part of R.w.a, and that is when someone would put “#ResponseTo(Username)” in their blog post title, and the next time someone visited R.w.a, they would see that someone was talking to them, and then have an exchange that way. It was cool! I met some good people that way.nnAnyway, Markdown – it’s a good thing. And this smol W.a ecosystem of “stuff” is a good thing, too. Of course I know W.a didn’t invent Markdown, but I am glad that this service offers it.nnback soon

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