Slept for three hours. Felt good. Good enough for now. Woke up and decided to do some writing. And also to have some coffee. Coffee: complete. Writing: commences.

Everything I ordered has shipped (tobacco gear, cadet hat, floor fan, light bulbs). The tobacco will be nice to have with the windows open and good weather - aromatics always fill the apartment with a pleasant scent, which will be magnified by the fresh Spring air. The floor fan will add to this flowing ambiance of pleasantry. And the light bulbs and cadet hat will just be there.

It feels weird, healing. Going from a constant state of pain, or worsening pain, or excruciating pain - to a state of continual "things getting better", or going through the "layers" of what "feeling good" feels like, again. Been a couple months since I can say I have been able to sit still and just say "I feel good/ok right now". And now with the tooth extracted, and the other infection clearing up, I feel more optimistic. Nothing is 100% clear, yet, but in terms of oral pain, there is next to no discomfort there, and (more importantly) I am off of Tylenol/Motrin, so I am more or less gaining back ground to how I "should" feel, or how I "normally" feel - no more jelly-like muscle aches, or getting a headache brought on by the side effects of having used Motrin too often, or any shit like that. Just...being pill-free :)

On the subject of pharmaceuticals, I still take the new psyche drug, and the usual Nexium, but aside of that, nothing other than the (temporary) antibiotic. So, that's fine, for now.

Later on in the morning, I will walk to Schnucks, and get some madatory grocery items for the apartment, but before that I will stop at Great Clips and get my hair cut. The same, usual #1 buzz on the sides and back up to the part line, everything on top I leave.

So there's where things are now. May be up for a bit.

back soon