Maps, gardens, links, and longform

So, I just saw a post on in regards to someone's use of Obsidian. And people have been talking up a storm about this service for a very long time. In fact, I had a conversation with my buddy M. Perry on this subject just yesterday. I like that people like it, and I checked it out, but for my use case (as in, how I write things) I don't think it will work out, for me.

I can make a mind map sometimes (when in regards to a research thing I may be doing (though I haven't done any type of (for fun) research project since 2018)), and "digital gardens" as many call it (that of sort of collecting information, and refining it, adding/subtracting to it, and making a living document) doesn't really appeal to me, either. It's not really why I write (not that there has to be a "why", but I have to draw the line for myself somewhere). And yea, linking stuff to one another, and some external links as well, I suppose, is part of the "digital gardening". Cool.

Longform, hell I just added that to the blog post title because it made this entry sound "cooler", lol! I write longform sometimes, I guess, but most entries here are around 500 words - though I sometimes get lucky and hit 1,000+, and I am always happy when I do that.

This is not one of those posts :/

Stay well and do good, everyone out there :)

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