Besides the ice cold water mentioned in my last blog post, I just feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and relieved this evening for whatever reason. Perhaps because it is the last day of my 37th year on this Earth (bye, 37 – nice knowin’ ya!), or that tomorrow is a celebratory “me” day (getting Little Cesars ‘za and going to the ‘rents instead of Crusoe’s Restaurant, because I don’t feel like hobbling around a lot), or perhaps it is because I don’t have ever present “web dev” thoughts on the back of my mind, worrying me with “what do I need to do?” “what comes next?”, etc. I just feel like I am putting **value** on the moment, itself, and not concerning myself (or judging myself) with an accomplishment-to-value ratio of self-importance. I just *am*, and it feels great!nnAnd let’s just look at the activity, overall – it (web dev, hardware dev, technology tinkering, etc.) it’s certainly a trip into “Serious Day(TM)” territory, makes one put an emphasis on discipline and pay off, instead of immediate and hyper-present **gratitide** for just *existing*!nnI mean yea, it’s good to research, and discover, learn, aquire skills, and so forth, but damn, sometimes a dude just has to go with the **flow** of existence! nnLearn this > configure that > accomplish another thing > steps A-Z – or just take a contemplative step back and just LOOK AROUND, and chill for a hot minute! haha!nnThat’s my two cents on the subject. Be back later!

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