I don't consider myself a "maker" (because I am not). What I would consider myself is a web dev tinkerer - someone who hobbies around with web development in some of his (my) spare free time, and tries to make a thing do a thing and if it works, great! If it doesn't, not so great. But I don't "DO" this stuff. It isn't like I spend every free moment trying to "make a thing do a thing", or anything like that.

So, the question I have (for myself) is; will I ever make a thing that could be considered "useful" for the WWW? I'd venture to guess the answer is "no", but that is OK, because I'm just fussing around, seeing what comes of what, learning new things, etc.

What I actually "DO" (not as an occupation, but just an activity I participate the most in) is write. I write a lot, it's fun, it works, and I am more than OK with that. I'm devoid of social media distraction or influence, abstain from push notifications and detours from the thing(s) I am doing at any given moment - I'm what I would consider a fairly "liberated" and ambiguous individual.

So, do I find any type of respite/peace/solace from this way of living? Well, yes. But I still like to seek out adventure - geocaching, hiking, sometimes camping, or any type of social environment I can participate in (as in, IRL social environments - not digital, usually).

But anyway, I was simply feeling a tad bit of pressure from all the stuff I see online (via wip.co, dev.to, etc.) about the continual "hussle of making" - needing to get XYZ done all day/everyday, or fall behind and lose your stride.

But, IDGAF. I fool and fiddle with a dev project here and there, and if something comes of it, fine. If not, that's fine, too. Not worth losing sleep over anything.

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