Apparently, Armageddon is on the way, because every single person in South County was crammed into Schnucks just now, and the check-out line stretched all the way to the produce section, which is half of the store, roughly. Wild.

Anyway, I got iced coffee, a Red Bull, and bagels, and that was it. All I need for right now. And who knows if I will even bother going in there tomorrow (when it may be just as crowded).

Nice day, though. 46 degrees. Sunny. Beautiful.

I slept good. Roughly 3.5 hours after having slept four hours before that, but the second go 'round was a DEEP sleep, so I feel very good. I realized the other night that I cannot stay asleep when the apartment is warm, I am a 100% mandatory "cold sleeper", so I may flip off the heat at night from now on as long as there is no chance of the temps dipping below 25. And this is one of the things I like about Summer - I keep the AC cranked to 68 degrees in here (no kidding - no more, no less), and it keeps the apartment temps "sleepable".

Anyway, on with the day!

Oh and I got the proper paperwork from the Leasing Office for the tax filing. So, that is taken care of now. Still need to reschedule the appointment for the filing, itself, though - so I will do that soon.

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