I went to Schnucks just now, by-foot. The leg isn’t as bad as it seemed when I woke up this morning, and after slamming a Liter of water and a *good* stretch, I was able to make it to Schnucks without any big issues. nnI *would* be doing a larger trip, but my ride is busy, so I went on my own.nn9:45 now, and I will text to confirm therapy at 10:00 AM. And then *have* the therapy appointment at noon.nnGot a ProtonMail newsletter just now (two issues in one e-mail, actually), and I am glad I joined PM some time ago (three years ago?). Even though I got locked out of my original PM account (through a mess up on my part using LastPass), I am happy with the new account and I am fully baked-in to this service, haha. Not to say I have a case of “ecosystem lock-in” (I only use PM), but I DO rely on this particular address for a lot of things at this point. And on that subject, I have my default storage filled ot 86% on that service, and I NEED to pay for a Premium account ASAP. I hope I will be able to do so in December. If not, first thing January.nnAlso, in their newsletter, they spoke of how Sir Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web) is now on their advisory panel (I believe was the position), and I think that is pretty damn cool. nnI also have a Gmail account, but it is simply for backup in case I get locked out of my PM account. I basically never check Gmail, and the Inbox is filled with offers to buy Nest products (self-imposed spy hardware, essentially). The two e-mail providers could not be more diametrically opposed.nnAnyway, gonna have a late (proper) breakfast now. Be back soon!

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