Walked to BP, and the parking lots were plenty salted, so no problem there, but the majority of the walk was on the side of the sidewalk, in the frozen grass, because the sidewalks were a frozen mess. I went in and used the remainder of my BP gift card (a tad over a dollar on there) and got Swisher BLK Cherry cigars (2-pack). Then I stepped outside and slowly put my gloves back on, as I determined on weather or not I would try to cross Telegraph Road right then and there to go to Dierbergs to use those gift cards on a couple packs of smokes. After seeing the insane traffic (at 4:40 PM on a Friday - the worst time/day to go near Telegraph) I decided I would not chance it, and I walked back to my apartment, instead. Then, hot coffee and a cherry cigar.

Tomorrow, some running around will be done - I will go to Dierbergs (via motor vehicle), get smokes and a few groceries, and probably go to the 'rents to do few things over there. Nothing strenuous whatsoever, because I do not need to injure myself.

Sunday, a day at home. Monday, NP apppointment (after a day spent at the sister's house, who will be giving me a ride to said appointment). The remainder of the week - I have no idea. Likely more appointments.

Now, more coffee.

back soon