So, I just wrote a 1,000 word bit on the Joplin app on the Mac, which covered a lot of stuff I have already covered here on the ole bloggo.nnBut, some realizations:nn- I will use Jekyll with Github Pages for learning open source stuff (as recommended by [Mike](, instead of me stubbornly clinging to the concept of using Linode + Ghost(.org) software for my first open source projectnn- I will also be writing up my “Making Thanx” post when **Thanx** is complete and combine that material with my overall web dev journey info baked right into the Thanx development process. So, two birds with one stone. Decided on the right URL for it, too (which will simply be an additional page on the Thanx site, itself).nnAnd also, while I was “Mac’ing around”, I checked out some stuff on Monterey that could be useful offline, and low and behold, not *many* things are very interesting on macOS Monterey without the use of the Internet in some for or fashion. So instead, I just went ahead and re-synced the Bluetooth mouse (BT is back! Hooray!), and I set the Sleep Timer on the display to five mins, instead of ONE min (why the hell would I want the screen to sleep after a single minute?).nnAnd mostly, the document written in Joplin covered how everything is a “fresh start” with the MacBook (which I may take care to do *every* year at/around my birthday, just to keep things “clean” and “clear”). It will simply be the apps already installed (Standard Notes and Joplin never left – too useful/mandatory in my day to day life), plus Firefox and Atom Editor, and that is the only other software I am installing on the Mac, as far as I am concerned. No Tidal (I have my phone for that), no excessive document hoarding (photos, PDFs, random things here and there) – basically nothing that isn’t required to get that doesn’t immediately contribute to my web dev activities in some form or another. Everything else can be used on/with my phone.nnSo, this whole ordeal (the ordeal with the WiFi and BT connectivity issues, deleting/uninstalling hella stuff, etc.) has been a “refocal” point for me. And right when I turned 38, and *right* when the laptop was a year old – so appropriate in some ways, I suppose.nnAnyway, be back later

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