It seems that my MacBook likes to kick the fan on at random times now. It also seems that Bluetooth is completely untoggleable (not a word – but I cannot toggle BT on/off). It’s off now and it will not flip back on no matter what. So…OK.nnDefinitely not cool, considering this machine is but a year old. It might have something to do with the fact that macOS Monterey just got released (which is likely the case). so, I am downloading Monterey now (will only take two hours! (ffs)). I don’t know what is included in Monterey besides the new Safari, but, whatever.nnI wonder if I can put Pop OS on this machine (Intel i3)? Worth looking into, maybe.nnTechnology sucks. Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t. But, again, whatever.nnAnd in all honesty, I *should* be using a Linux machine, which I will in the future, but I wanted something that would last a long time, was reliable, and this is why I got the MBA. So, a MBA running Pop OS would be ideal, I suppose (good hardware, even better software).nnBut, in terms of getting a Linux machine (in *my* price range), it would mean going the desktop route. And that means a whole *bunch* of new purchases, which I have no interest in making right now (or ever, really). Hell, I do not even have WiFi at my apartment, why would I get a desktop that can’t GO anywhere with me? A large/good phone would likely be an easier, and in some ways better, option. And of course I am getting the G20 phone soon, anyway, so there’s that.nnIDK. I have no intention on replacing the MBA unless it unequivocally, and irreversibly craps out on me, but I sincerely doubt I would waste my money on another computer again if/when it does. I *like* do web dev stuff and all of that, but not enough to fork out $500++ every single year (or even every two years) for the privilege of practicing the hobby.nnBack later

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