I bought a new MacBook Air in late-2020, but it is the early-2020 version (w/ 10th Gen Intel inside), so it doesn't have the M1 chip in it. This decision was deliberate for a number of reasons, but the main reason being that I wanted this MBA to last five+ years (which nearly all Macs can/do last that long, as long as they are not a shitty keyboard model). In fact, the first two MacBooks I had were 11 inch MBA's that were six years old and seven years old, respectively, that had been refurbished and ran really well. The other reason being that the M1 Air (currently) doesn't have a fan, and no fan + ARM-style processor = burn out within a couple years (or at least that has been my experience (as well as many others I have corresponded with over the years) - mileage may vary for M1, but I'd be shocked if they ran well in two years time).

But anyway, this machine runs well 15 months in. And I plan on keeping it well into 2025, if I can. When it is time to part ways, I will safely reset it and donate it to...someone, anyone, and NOT sell it - because someone can refurbish it and give it to someone who needs it. And in terms of future laptops (as I don't see myself going the desktop route anytime in the future, as it is too stationary and therefore somewhat limiting), I'd likely go Linux again. I've never had Linux on a laptop before, so it would be kinda cool, I think. And I like all the hack-around type of stuff there is to do on a Linux machine. That, and I am 100% comfortable with the command line, not worried I will ever "brick" my device or some shit like that. Also, nearly every app on this Mac is from the open Web, and NOT from the App Store (Firefox, Tidal, Atom, Standard Notes, Joplin, etc. - all just downloaded from their respective websites). With the exception of the MenuBarX app I installed the other day (which is pretty cool), that DID come from the App Store. But, I am somewhat (mostly) system agnostic, and can flip over to Linux painlessly, I think, and I will KEEP myself out of any ecosystems if I can.

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