It's 12:34 (AM), my favorite time of the day. I always happen to look at the clock at this time (if awake), and I have been "drawn" to this time since 2007, when something eventful or significant happened to me, and I looked at the clock and it was 12:34. I don't remember what that event was, but I am sure it meant something to me at the time.

So, I sip coffee, and the dishwasher roars in the background, as the rain continues to fall outside.

I feel "lit up" from all the fruit intake today.

Tomorrow, or later today, I should say, I will go to Schnucks and buy grub for the day. Same old/same old, though - not just fruit.

So onward and through the morning we go! I will likely be up all night because I slept so well through the day.

Fun shit

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