At the beginning of the movie *Match Point* (a Woody Allen film, a bad person, in my belief) the main character of the movie (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is narrating his belief that “the man that said; ‘I’d rather be lucky than good, saw deeply into life'”. And since that opening narration, I knew I would like that movie. For the longest time it was my *favorite* movie. Watched it nearly 100 times.nnBut it was the *type* of philosophical tone that got to me:nn”I’d rather BE *this*, INSTEAD of *that*”nn…as if life were offering a choice. And neither of the things are opposite, either.nnSo, it kind of brings me to where *I* am in life, now. If having the divergence of “good” vs “happy” – I’d choose BOTH!nnAnd I do sort of feel like I am at this strange divergence now. I am several months into alcohol recovery (after numerous relapses for quite some time), and I feel like though recovery is going well, I feel that I am at the *very tip*, or, have *barely scratched the surface* of fixing what all went wrong, and genuinely recovering. I know (in my case) it is toxic people/environments that trigger alcohol consumption. And those things (those people/environments) are gone. So that is the biggest “leg-up”. But emotionally, psychologically, spiritually – recovery must be done. And in this path, I choose BOTH goodness and happiness. And to rise above things in my way.nnThanx. nnBack later

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