Just Clorox Wipe’d down the kitchen counter, sink, and desk/island. As well as the ashtray stand in the living room. I also flipped on the AC (in late December!) because the apartment (which sits *right* in the sun) was warmed to a balmy 74F. It will cool down here soon, though.nnIn a little bit, I will Swiffer the kitchen floors, as well as the bathroom floor. And then (at some point) I will deep-clean the bathroom with Clorox Wipes. The furnace vent in the bedroom needs to be dusted, too, and I will use Clorox Wipes on it.nnAgain, I don’t know why I love cleaning so much. I mean, I only clean when the apartment genuinely NEEDS it, it isn’t a compulsive thing, but when it does come time to clean, I get pretty excited about it. LOL!nnI will also gather all my clothes for early AM laundry in a bit, and put them in a tote bag, and keep it by the front door – ready to walk out when the sun is rising. And yep, I got the hemp tote bags back from the ‘rents, so that makes laundry day quite a bit easier.nnCleanliness is next to blogliness 😉

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