I slept maybe 2 hours, if that. I will sleep again before sunrise, I am sure. But in the meantime, it is time for coffee and writing :) I am purposely not having a pipe right now, because then I would just barely sip the coffee, and write even less, and put too much emphasis on sipping the pipe, instead. Not that smoking a pipe ever "gets in the way", but if I am tired/groggy in any way, then I just ignore everything else and smoke, instead. Haha.

I am currently sitting on a pillow, at the writer's desk, in an effort to ease pressure on my back, because whatever (minor) swelling that occurred when I messed my back up the other day, those fluids are now "draining" down what almost feel like my psyatic (sp?) nerve. But I am sure it is not that nerve, because that nerve gave me pain before as a teenager, and it was insanely painful. What I am experiencing now is more or less a quasi-sharp pain in my outer-butt, lol! And I am assuming it is some sort of swelling fluid "drainage" type of thing, similar to what I experienced when I pulled/tore the muscle in my right shin in early-November 2021 - all the swelling fluids drained off as I recovered, and then my foot/ankle swelled, instead. Even though neither the foot nor ankle were injured in any way.

So...whatever. I'll recover. Important thing is, my back doesn't hurt much anymore - just my upper/outer-rump :/

Fascinating reading material this must be, lmao!

Anyhow, I am just taking it easy for right now. I managed to close my account on Plausible Analytics earlier last night, as it is not necessary in any way, other than to see "Ooh! I got X amount of visitors in the past 24 hours!", etc. Completely superficial.

Fxxx I'm punchy this morning, not in a good mood at all. I'll come back later.