I had an issue responding to a comment on another blog platform on the “small web” a bit ago. I lost WiFi (tethering) signal, and the 350+ word comment response (that *I* wrote) couldn’t publish, and the page went blank, and those words are lost and gone forever now. It was the first thing I wrote this AM, and they were to a dear digital friend (and former blogger on W.a), so it’s disheartening to see the comment go into the ether :/nnSo, I must get WiFi at my apartment sometime, but I do not know when that will happen?nnAnyway, it is Sunday and I hammer out this blog post via phone as I sit out on my balcony and sip coffee ☕. The #stlwx is fair and clear and only quasi-humid. Nice late-Spring day, indeed. nnI’ll finish the coffee and carry on with the morning, and write more stuff later. Hope everyone is well.

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