My other blog, which is self-hosted on Ghost (or, self-hosted on my Linode VPS, and the blog is ON Ghost (blogging software)), is using a domain called “olry.co”, and I just found out that the domain for olry.co is now expired :/ I have it on GoDaddy (the worst), and I got an e-mail from GD about the domain needing to be renewed about a month ago (which goes to a spam-type Gmail account of mine, because I don’t need GD sending me cheapo website builder e-mails every day to my primary e-mail address on ProtonMail), but after that initial e-mail, there were no other reminders. So, I forgot that I needed to pay for the renewal, and it is now expired. Who knows how long I will retain the “olry.co” URL, and how long the blog on Ghost will stay functional? Of course, losing the **domain** doesn’t mean I lose the **blog**, but I will have to jump through some web dev hoops to get the bloggo on the “tmo.name” domain which I own, which again, I have to transfer away from GoDaddy.nnSo, olry.co will likely be down for a while. Who knows when. Of course I can still write stuff here, so not all is lost. So there are some priorities for me:nn- take all my domains to DNSimple (and *away* from GoDaddy)nn- renew “tmo.name” for **several** years (so I don’t have to fuss with this stuff anytime soon)nn- route “tmo.name” to the current blog on Ghost (will have to find out how exactly to do that)nn- and while I am at it, go ahead and consolidate all my domains into just a couple or a few – I will keep “tmo.name” and “thanx.cc”, but the rest can go away, I don’t carennback soon

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