look to the skies (of boredom)

Doing the click through song and dance I was doing yesterday, I saw a few Mastodon instances I could go to, and a couple other "forum-related" spots to visit, and I could almost witness and feel a mental shift with those "premonition possibilities" with what would come of visiting them. Sort of "ok, I can DO this thing, and I have a decent "expectation" of what I will FEEL or THINK when/if I do it". Likely just core human instinct, but in terms of my Internet consumption, I was thinking more along the lines of "here is a good morning, good coffee, good weather, good writing (hopefully, I'll try) - let's keep the ball rolling". And when something in the vein of social feeds (like Mastodon) or forum-related sites pop up, I kind of felt like I would be interrupting that/this flow. It'd be better for me to just "go through" the Web, and then remark/quip on XYZ when I felt necessary here on tmo.name. Like "READ ONLY", and then have a few words of my own in this little corner of the Web.

I'm not anti-social online, but josting and jarring around on some communication platform wasn't going to "add to" the day. It's would have "disrupted" and "altered" my day, for sure, but not necessarily in a self-mandated way. So I guess it's about control, in this scenario.

So I "look to the skies (of boredom)", and let the day flow as it is, be as it may, see how anything/everything plays out.

And life goes on

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