I watch YouTube. Many times a day. It’s where the majority of…everything is. And now 80% of any type of clip, or skit, or one-liner type of video (basically any comedy video under 60 seconds), has a TikTok logo watermarked in the corner. Like, everything is just going *straight* to TikTok and then being “lifted” (stolen) from there, uploaded to YouTube channels (that are NOT the creators of said video) and then monetized to high hell, and the original creators of said video? Back on TikTok, likely making $0 from their “work”.nnI could give a fuck less if some TikTok’er loses their source of revenue, just so they can have more “hits”/attention on the Newest Thing(TM), but isn’t *some* monetization from a skit, or whatever, generally considered a GOOD thing?nnBasically, I am just sick of seeing the TikTok logo pulsate in the corner of every clip I watch on YouTube.nnSo, yea, I guess I’ve seen TikTok before(?). I mean, a video is a video is a video, be it taken from someone’s TikTok account and then profited off of on some rando’s YT channel – skits, shorts, clips, fast comedy sketches – I’ll laugh at them (on YouTube) either way. nnI think it’s the hypnotic, dopamine triggering, fast-paced, “Never A Dull Moment” **scroll** that people are latching onto (and chances are IT (TikTok) is never letting them go).nnEnjoy the timesuck, I guess?nnAnyway, back to life

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