I woke up at 1:50 (20 mins ago). I made coffee (or,poured iced coffee), and I stubbed my toe and my head almost exploded with rage. So, I didn’t drink said coffee, and instead laid back down, thinking: “well, this was for nothing”. Then, I decided I wasn’t *that* angry, and just got up, drank the coffee, and then another, and looked at ish on R.w.a, and Remark.as (R.a), and started up a blog post and am now going to make a hot (3rd) coffee.nn**So what is this logistics BS?**nnJust some stuff that I am looking at right now. Such as:nn- some $$$ is coming in tonight, and I have to plan accordinglyn- I need to make sure I can get everything I need for X amount of time via online outlet(s), because [as mentioned](https://write.as/tmo/dead-end-debits-and-crossing-the-path-of-vagabond-bob) the chip reader on the debit card is fxxxednnThat includes, but is not limited to;nn- ordering a Schnucks giftcard (for myself) via their website (I can order a plastic one and have it mailed to me)n- ordering all the tobacco gear I need for roughly a monthn- having bills/rent/etc. paid via online (done and done – I always pay them online)n- then cancelling my debit card, and getting a new one mailed to me, and transferring my balance over to the *new* card, and using that to withdraw X amount of dollars to pay someone an amount I owe + put $$ on my laundry card nnSo, that will all be well and goodnnAlso, as a “sub-thought” as I sit here (heavily caffeinated, and more caffeine on the way), is the concept of longform thinking. I liked the few blog posts I hammered out on **tmo.name** as well as on here that were around 1K words. But coming up with such posts is difficult if/when I try to pre-concieve them up front. I kind of just have to “go” with whatever I want to say, and see what I manage to write up. I write very deliberately, but I don’t put much deliberation into my writing. I think of, and *absorb* what I wrote after it has been written, and I enjoy the process of writing, but, I do not really have a forethought of what that writing will BE before I put it down. So, I deliberate AFTER the text is written (much like I would deliberate on something I would read elsewhere (a book, an article), but nothing is planned before.nnHell, even *this* post, when I am thinking of longform thinking/writing doesn’t drum up any ideas on how to purposefully make a longer document happen. So it is usually 500-600 words, and that’s what I have per entry.nnJust how it isnnMost of the timennback soon

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