I liked my old theme here on Ghost much more than I like this one. It was super-minimal, and fun to customize. This theme? Not nearly as interesting nor as attractive. Neither is the "theme" on W.a (if one would call it a theme - it's more of just a bare basic blog layout). But, one thing is consistent with this blog with the old/good theme and the entirety of the W.a platform (and everything under the WF umbrella) and that is slow load times. The old "dbyll" theme I had here (which was barely Ghost-compliant (and no longer maintained)) loaded awkwardly, and the words appeared slower than blogs I've had in the past, and that sucks. The blog I have over on W.a (write.as/tmo) doesn't "load" at all - the browser continually says it is loading, but in the end the person (me, or anyone who is visiting the blog on the Web) usually gets hit with a server error, and that was the case 4-5 months ago (when I took a big hiatus from W.a - for that reason), and I assume it is going to more or less stay that way for the foreseeable future. I could/would talk about the way things could be done differently with the WF platform, but the maintainer/creator is hella busy pressing "Send Tweet" from a Brooklyn bachelor pad to really put much effort into caring what paying customers have to say about his pet project, so I won't waste my words.

Anyway, the search for a better theme on Ghost continues. And (like Tumblr at one time, and WP at a time before that), I tried to make the "old" platform work (meaning W.a), but when a website can't operate properly, I just won't use it. Call me crazy, lol! ;)

Upward and onward!

back soon