So, I figured out how I will lay out the living room. The faux fireplace will stay where it’s at, the chair next to it (so it will be like a little “sitting nook” as soon as I walk in the door), and the ashtray stand to the left of the chair. And then, all of that will be *facing* the desk (which I hope to get for Xmas, if not I will buy it myself in January), and the desk will be flanked by the Polk speakers (on stands), and obviously a chair for the desk (the busted up blue chair (that I still love)).nnSo, that will look cool. Still not doing an external display – too much of everything with that (too many ports being used, takes up too much desk space, too many wires, etc.) I would be lying if I didn’t say I hadn’t thought of getting a *different*, *better*, higher resolution display, but, no. I will get a stand for the MacBook Air, so I can get some utility out of the MX Keys keyboard.nnAnd in saying that, I connected the MX Keys to the MBA just now, and just have the laptop sitting above the keyboard, lol! I *am* going to get a stand for the Mac, though, so I am not looking *away* and *down* at the screen.nnAnd since I mentioned wires earlier, there will be plenty of those. The speakers will need their dedicated cables (they aren’t wireless or anything) + the cord to plug the NobSound mini amp into the power strip + the wired section *of* the power strip + the Mac will be plugged in, sometimes + the RCA-to-3.5mm headphone jack cable (as the mini amp doesn’t have Bluetooth) + other stuff, I’m sure.nnSo, it would behoove me to get some sort of cable management system happening with it. Even just a $20 “box” for all the cables to attach to the back of the desk, with “latches” to manage it all. Or, I could utilize the big fabric covered “holder” that is attached to the side of the desk (I guess it is intended for magazines or something?), and save money there. We’ll see.nnAnyway, all in time.nnBack later

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