Just the “audio-files 2.0” playlist for the time being. I have it going on my speaker system (mini audio rig), as opposed to headphones, because I like speakers, sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. I also wanted to run these speakers in a bit (which some people believe that “breaking in” speakers, amplifiers, or even cables is a fallacy, but, whatever). Now, I have had these speakers for something like two years, but I haven’t listened to them a *whole* lot in that time. I always opt for headphones of some sort (usually). I want them (the speakers) “broken in” a little bit though, because I will use them with my television set when I get it in Jan. Of course that TV (which is in-use at the ‘rents house right now, and has been for five+ years) gets *plenty* loud, so I will have no problem hearing the thing when I receive it, but I still want to be able to use the Polk speakers with it, because I have them and may not get a whole lot of use out of the speakers otherwise.nnBut anyway, for now, I am enjoying the playlist a bit, even though I have heard it a million times before, can sing along to the entire thing (for the songs that have lyrics, anyway).nnNothing else terribly fascinating happening right now. Just pulling on through the day. Back soon.

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