The (already poor) amplification of this phone is starting to show it’s age. I have this ish cranked to like 9 and there is almost no detail to the music whatsoever, and it is almost whisper quiet.nnSo, with that said, I just switched over to the Tidal app on my MBA, and this is *much* better. The song? “Tibetan Pop Stars” by Hop Along (ironically, Hop Along are neither Tibetan nor pop stars ;)) Great fxxxing song. nnAnd, as mentioned, I made more coffee, to keep the music train rolling. nnI tried to find some “old-timey” music to add to the “audio-files 2.0” playlist (Ricky Nelson, Nancy Sinatra, etc.), and yes the music *is* good, but it just didn’t *quite* fit my tastes. At least not for that playlist. I need/want stuff to take my breath away on that playlist, and the songs I heard didn’t really do it.nnThen, I went down an old school Punk rabbit hole for a little while – Ramones, Pennywise, The Undertones, etc. – that was fun.nnNow, “Zombie” by The Cranberries. OK, I will stop writing about music for right now. As I opened this text editor to write some stuff about other stuff, but I don’t know what else to write about right now? Haha.nnJust another morning here, albeit a very early one. I will likely sleep again tonight, but I don’t know when I will be tired enough to actually do so, as I am wide awake right now.nnBack laternn#listeningnotes

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