So, as I mentioned in this post (about halfway down), I have been interested in self-hosting a small, lightweight blog for the past...week. In fact, I have been interested in self-hosting a blog (of any kind) for the better part of year (essentially since I had the technical knowledge to know how to do so), and that is why I self-host this bloggo here (using Ghost software) on a Linode VPS. But, there is also the element of "at-home self-hosting", or, not using a VPS at all (similar to what is talked about here (VICE link)), and opting for a Raspberry Pi home server type of deal. Now, I do NOT have home WiFi, or a home network, because I wanted to eliminate that cost and just tether to my phone, but after a while, I miss (the practical utility of) having a dedicated WiFi connection. So, I am thinking about getting a mobile hotspot, or even trying to get back with AT&T or whoever, and setting up a traditional router/modem here in my apartment. There are costs with all that, but it might be worth it? IDK.

I DO know that it is the only way to host at home (obviously), as a tethering plan means too much time offline, and a hotspot is simply not capable of the whole thing. So, I am looking into this now, to see what my options are.

back soon