Ever do that thing, or maybe I just do that thing, where I lift the laptop lid, and sort of have a reserved look upon my face, and likely a 1,000 yard stare in my eyes, and I (mentally) breath a big sigh of “ok, here comes whatever the fuck”. nnI do that all the time. Lifting the laptop lid for the distinct possibility of disappointment. nnSometimes, I open it excitedly, optimistically, with enthusiasm, and I have a particular thing I want to see/read/look up. Other times it is not like that, though.nnEveryone probably does it, I am just noting that **I** do it, as well.nnSo anyway, what’s on the Web menu for tonight? Water is heating for coffee, I took my psych med and followed it with a vegan sausage sandwich, to try to not get indigestion.nnLet’s hope it helps, do…something. nnback soon

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