That the Bitcoin crowd (the crowd that succeeded in centralizing the world’s first cryptocurrency) are the same ones professing “Web3” to be the future of human technological innovation through decentralized services.nnWeb3 *is* like the creation of the Internet in these ways:nn- it’s decentralized *by default*, but will be centralized in terms of who uses what (think Amazon/eBay/Google from the late-90s until now (2021))nn- it (Web3) has never been about a technological shift in terms of “what’s good for humans”, but more about “what’s good for that particular individual’s pocket book”nn- it will come to pass (like “Web1” and (probably) “Web2”) as a shining example of people (who are Internet savvy – but eventually all people) screwing up a good thing.nnDecentralization is good. The best part about it? It’s already here! Fire up a server somewhere and make shit that helps the world, yourself, humanity. No need to follow a/the crowd and make oneself crypto-rich with the false (so *very* false) promise that it will (somehow?) liberate humanity.nnJust my two cents (that aren’t in crypto)

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