I feel good these days. Weird, but good.nnAs of two months ago, I have been persona non grata from my family. Or *they* have been persona non grata from *me*.nn**Definition**nn- pər-​ˈsō-​(ˌ)nē-​ˌnän-​ˈgra-​(ˌ)tēnn: a person who is unacceptable or unwelcomennThere are reasons for this. Namely the fact that most of my family members are toxic towards me, but the reason(s) I stopped communicating with THEM (for the most part), is for my own mental health. So, people are shitty to someone > that someone stops talking to those people. One and done.nnI am ok with this, because it is very much so in the vein of how it was from 2006 – 2011, when I stopped talking to all of them (other than my sister, “C”) for five years. Same reasons.nnNow, doing anything for mental health reasons (for the *improvement* of one’s mental health) is always considered a good thing. As is the case here.nnSo, sort of how I cryptically mentioned the start of this (self) banishment in a post on **** (titled “You can go your own way (go your own way)” (which I am re-publishing on **(sub)TMO** [HERE]( after I am done writing up this blog post), I just want to give an update (to myself) about the fact that I **am** doing ok. It feels great, liberating, and downright ambitious to be “on the outs” – even though I feel more as though I am just **prioritizing ME first** – for the first time, in a long time :):)nnHappy days ahead!nnback soon

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