life akin to that of 2003

For me, sort of. I have sort of been feeling either nostalgic, or there may be some sort of chemistry-related something or other to it?

I mean, in 2003 (early-2003, as that year is very divided in half), I was spending a lot of time:

  • blogging
  • working out
  • slamming coffee late into the night
  • listening to good music

etc. The music has changed a bit (newer/better stuff, but also older/also great stuff, as well). The workouts have changed, too - now I do simple resistance bands + cardio, as when I was 18 (in 2003) I did intense weight training and very little cardio. Blogging is the same old "top-of-the-head/improvised" bullshit I was slinging back then. I don't think I have pre-thought a single blog post in several years. And of course coffee remains the same, as it mostly has since I was introduced to it when I was seven years old.

So, I've felt more "in-line" with this type of mindset, in many ways.

I fucked it all up back then - going to Job Corps (which was actually tons of fun, and I completed the program, so, no loss there), but then going into the Army, that threw me through a psychological loop (unbeknownst to me how deep it went) for...years and years.

Dog bless the fact that I am too old to be eligible for either Job Corps OR a military draft. Not that I would have jack shit to do at Job Corps, and not that there will be a military draft anytime soon (or I hope not), but I am 100% thankful that I am auto-disqualified due to age. It's something I thought of often after the service, in 2006/2007, prior to being able to prove in any form/fashion that I was a "nutcase" (have psychosis), I was overly paranoid that a draft could happen, at any time, for whatever reason, and that I would get re-enrolled in that shit (the military), and then life as I knew it would be ruined.

Anyway, I said a few times on here that when I was 18, it was an Anomaly in human life choices that I didn't enroll in either a Fine Arts school or some sort of college where I could continue to focus on writing.

Back soon

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