The fan kicked on STRONG on the MBA a bit ago. Because I was watching *Springboard* (by The Verge) in full-screen, and the MBA always kicks on the fans when I go full-screen :/ Makes me wonder how an M1 fanless is faring these days (both with heat and longevity). I have an Intel (10th Gen) model, though, so…IDK. Raspberry Pi? LOL! I let a GIF run for too long and I get a temperature ️ warning! Those things suck. nnSo, I am letting the Mac cool off, and I am hammering out this text via phone. nnLove the desk (have I said that?). Love the appearance, the utility, the location in my apartment, the sturdiness, everything about it. It’s great nnMany millions of words (literally, millions) will be written upon that desk. nnAlso, I cannot even BEGIN to keep track of how many (millions) of words I have written in my lifetime. A million of *anything* seems like a lot, but thinking of, and then writing, MILLIONS of words into coherent sentences and paragraphs is still wild to me. I estimated 7-10 million some years back. It’s been another couple million written since then, I am sure. Wild. nnGood night here. Wind Advisory in effect. A lot of wind chimes can be heard. Chillin. nnBack later.

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