Been sitting here sipping coffee for about 10 minutes. So it is 4:40 AM now. I will hammer some text even though I truly have nothing special to say. I slept a few hours, so that is good, but I must get more sleep before going to the P Family Xmas later on today (~1:00 PM). But who knows, maybe I’ll stay up and catch the sunrise?nnWinter weather is here, that’s for sure! It’s 24F outside right now, but the sun is supposed to be out today, so that will be a welcome change. I might make my way to BP at 9:00, as that is when they *actually* open (even though they say they open at 7:00 AM (not true)). But then again, it is Sunday, so I *could* make my way to Schnucks at sunrise, and that would be nice. I just need to fetch a couple pops and that’s it.nnEither way, I’ll likely be awake. The coffee is now finished, was tasty. nnI’ll be back soon

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