Most of what I will be needing for February is accounted for in this budget (which amounts to a checklist on Standard Notes). The $160 for the mattress, which is going to the moms on Feb. 1, because the mattress has already been ordered, is the biggest ticket item in the budget (besides rent and bills, obviously). But, I am trying to decide between the two "big" items on my Master To-Do List in terms of which I will do next (as they both are about the same in price). They are:

  • get a U.S. Passport
  • put $120 on my Linode(.com) account

...and I am thinking that Linode will win out in this scenario (for Feb., because I can/will get the Passport in March) for a couple reasons - 1) I not only have to pay the $5 per mo for the Thanx VPS, but now I have to pay $5 per mo for the Ghost VPS (for this blog), 2) having a surplus of credits on my Linode account means I do not have to continuously charge my card just to keep the services online (there is only a small surplus (credits) on there right now), and 3) it gives me the freedom/flexibility to spin up a new VPS on-the-fly should I decide to do so without needing to consult my budget first.

Also, I already have $20 accounted for in the budget to be added to the Linode account in Feb., so I would simply need to tack on an additional $100 to meet this "to-do", haha.

So, I am pretty sure Linode will be the name of the game for February, in terms of expenditures (besides the mattress cost).  And it is also worth noting that I will be getting my taxes back in Feb., as I file them at the tail end of Jan., but when I get those tax monies back, a good portion of it is going to the moms for a couple small loans from the past year - totaling $400 which I owe her altogether. And I have no clue how much of a refund I will get, but I am not expecting that much to be left over at the end of the day.

So, that's where I am with that. A place for everything and everything in it's place :)

back soon