let's make words happen. And reflecting on Thanx(.cc)

I have some coffee here, so I will write something.

I remember, a long, forlorn time ago (or, a year ago), when I spent so much time working on and thinking about Thanx.cc, which was a web app that I made that was an effort to make the net "nicer". The gist was:

Create a Thanx.cc profile

Create a username

It would be Thanx.cc/username

Link Thanx.cc/username to an online profile (from, like, Mastodon)

Let people set their own custom "Thanx Pages", which would be like a bio, but really just a message prompting the person (the person visiting the Page) to leave a message for said Thanx member

They (the person visiting a member's Thanx Page) could leave a 500 character message, saying "Thanx for what you do online", or "Thanx for highlighting that issue", or "Thanx for being nice", or simply "hi".

There were also other prompts within the Web interface encouraging the person visiting Thanx.cc to sign-up for Thanx, so they could message a person with their "username", but if not, the person could opt for filling in their one-time username for each "Thanx" message left

It was work. Getting it all to work.

I think I went into some web dev trance-like state for two weeks as I tried to slap together the right code for the log-in/create username/create password portion, and then another month trying to figure out how to do the .htaccess stuff using Mod_ReWrite rules so a username could be Thanx.cc/username instead of Thanx.cc/users/username

I obsessed with the project 24/7

Then there was the object of where the messages would go -

Sent directly to the e-mail on file for the Thanx member?

Sent to a personal (only for their eyes) "inbox"?

A publicly displayed "wall" of messages that people left?

So many options, all of them seemed very difficult to implement

But it was burnout that stopped progress on it. I was fried from over a year of working on it for most weeks in a nine month period (the last three months saw little work get done before pulling the plug).

I made a LOT of progress, but it was not sustainable at the rate that I was going. Unless I had a significant # of sign-ups or/and could monetize, somehow. AKA, get re-motivated.

I still own the Thanx.cc domain, and I will keep it, as I may revisit a project similar in the future, but I am not in "that mode" right now

Coffee is good

back later

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