let's blog in style, let's blog for a while, heaven can wait, we're only writing these lines

(to the tune of Alphaville "Forever Young")

...and this is probably my favorite blog post title I have ever written :)

And instant espresso is brewed, poured, being consumed.

I hope everyone had a good Monday. What is "a" Monday to most people anymore these days, anyway? For fuck knows how many decades it was:

Up, morning routine, breakfast, commute to work, do work stuff, slowly despise the day as it goes on, home, chill as much as possible.

Or some variance of that

I never fell into this scenario, as the busiest Mondays I experienced on a day-to-day basis was the Monday mornings of waking up at 7:30-ish, and writing nearly non-stop until noon. But I did that the other four days of the week, as well, so...

I kept that up for 5.5 years, but it seemed easy (hell, it was an absolute rush and a passion project for me the entire time!), and the fact that I was doing everything 100% from my computer desk in my living room - even easier!

But what does a Monday mean to folks since the beginning of COVID and beyond? Some people work remotely, and it works for them. Others work remotely and it's like being sentenced to Screentime Hell(TM). Some people commute to work, and it works for them. Some people commute to work, and back come the car payments, back comes the traffic, the gas, the car insurance, the office politics, and on and on.

Having both (a hybrid work enviro) seems to be the best bet, but co's just do whatever they feel like, so oftentimes there is little say in the matter.

But I mean, do most people even work at all anymore? I live in a relatively low-income apartment complex (low-income for South "Blue Collar" County, anyway), and nary a few of my neighbors seem to work. At all. But it (of course) stretches well beyond the confines of these apartments - everywhere I've read in...many years, say that there's a high unemployment rate, yet some areas have high employment availability, and there's this factor, and that factor, and I am definitely not any type of armchair economist, and many varying factors account for a whole host of nuanced reasons WHY or WHY NOT people DO or DON'T work, but I tend to get a big impression that people don't want to a lot of the time. Likely of ALL generations.

Sort of like how "the WWW will (but didn't) 'set us free'", and all these economically disruptive elements came, and went, and people in society didn't really "liberate" themselves from work, because how could they? But we still have a lot of that super-convenient tech within arm's reach, so...life got more convenient in a lot of ways, but a lot of what has to happen to make Action A result in Action B still requires some people to work sometimes in some places, somehow.

Anyway, some work on Mondays. Some do not. Some not at all.

It doesn't matter, I feel I've likely bitten off more than I can chew, and don't want to blog above my thought-grade, anyway, so I will leave it at that.

Hope you had a happy Monday, and I wish you all the best

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