Sometimes, admittedly, I see something that I have to click on and see, and sometimes that thing involves a Twitter link, and I see that shitty, addictive, abysmal service for a few seconds of my day (on *some* days, not *every* day), and if I am feeling passive (or weak), I will see the headlines in the sidebar. Just a few moments ago was one of those moments, and I saw that Twitter Blue just came out – so I hurriedly clicked a link and then left Twitter.com and read *about* Twitter, instead.nnIt’s some “Undo Tweet” thing, that delays the “Send” feature, and it also partnered with some thirsty news websites that are now showing people content ad-free if you have a TB subscription. Sounds like the Napster of news subscriptions, but they’ll get no sympathies from me.nnI can see how some old people (people who just *assume* they’re supposed to be well-read on the news) can benefit from…actually, no – they should subscribe to individual publications and start an RSS reader, not read shit posted on Twitter 24/7.nnIDK, just a few thoughts

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