I just thought to myself a moment ago: “what if I bought a smartwatch or/and a fitness tracker?”nnSo, I look at Fitbit. No.nnThen I look at WearOS (Google) watches. No.nnApple is out of the question, as well.nnAnd then I think: “what sent me down this path of worthlessness?”nnI don’t NEED *any* fitness tracker, nor smartwatch, or any wearable of any type. It’s totally superfluous.nnStill (to this day) I am Team Google Glass, as I thought that was the coolest friggin’ thing ever. On that note, I miss Google Now, too (and I would still use it on my phone if it hadn’t been replaced with the BS “Personal Assistant”).nnBut a wearable? Nah. If a good smartwatch had come out in 2014/15, I probably would have been hooked (as I was a bit more impulsive at the time), but now, I fail to see a purpose in one.nnJust my two cents

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