So, I snapped a pic of my travel gear (besides clothes) and uploaded it to (where I sort of "store" online pictures, in case I ever want to embed them into W.a, or Right Click > Save them onto the laptop locally), and I will now share said photo below and talk about it:

We have in non-clothing-related items:

  • runner's pouch (med/hygiene kit) w/ medications, nicotine gum (for the flight) and other miscellany hygiene products
  • MacBook Air
  • Card-carrying wallet (holds five cards + some money)
  • keys (which I will only be needing the Yubico Yubikey 2FA hardware security key on that keyring, for now)
  • Rugged case for 1TB SSD + TIN T2 headphones + HELM Bolt amp/DAC (which is a USB dongle type of amp/DAC) + necessary cords for plugging SSD into the MBA
  • a few necessary documents (incl Vax card) and face mask
  • 30 degree REI sleeping bag

Now, a word on the sleeping bag. It is probably needed. But, the 33 Liter backpack is much smaller than I had anticipated. Still plenty big "enough" for the rest of the gear (in fact, it packed with everything right now - besides the sleeping bag). So, I am already downsizing through consolidating which gear STAYS and which gear GOES, because the sleeping bag is a must-have, and I am making that judgement call right now (a good call, I think).

So, after having wrote that sentence, I went ahead and UNpacked the random clothing items I had in there, and REpacked it WITH the sleeping bag, and now everything is squared away :) And the great thing is: I was able to keep ALL my clothing items except the blue jeans (completely unnecessary for my type of travel) and the dress shirt (again, unnecessary clothing item). So, GOOD DEAL! The sleeping bag (in stuff sack) is tucked to the LEFT of the backpacks interior, and other (small) clothing items (incl essentials cold weather and warm weather items) are stowed away in the RIGHT of the backpacks interior. Deal!

On the outer compartments of the pack, I have my med/hygiene kit, as well as the documents + face mask.

I am currently writing this on the MBA, but it along with it's charger will fit just fine in the laptop compartment (which is NOT a hydration bladder sleeve).

So, less stuff, less hassle, and MORE room!

Another update soon