As I mentioned earlier, I was thinking of getting an external display in the future - bad idea. Wasteful idea. I can "manage" a handful of windows every so often on the MacBook just fine.

I also opined about wanting to possibly buy a piece of cool "retro tech" - another bad/silly idea. Mostly because I have zero(0) utilitarian use for it.

I also talked a bit about (a while ago, so no link) how I wanted to get a Cambridge Audio integrated amplifier - so, another piece of gear, another thing I would have to care for, worry about, and inevitably that thing that I would own, would end up owning me.

So, why buy extraneous stuff at all? I mean, I have what I need, do I not? Shouldn't I be putting aside money via investments (such as precious metals (yea, old school, I know))? Or building up a small (backup) savings on my Revolut Card? Or optimizing my life for more experiences and less stuff? I know it, you know it, we ALL know that experiences "trump" (sick of that word) stuff - time and time again.

Where has my head been?